Seasoned in Aerospace Certification. FAA Certification & Operations Done Right.

Get End State Solutions on Your Team.

What if you had a team member with the in-depth knowledge of a dozen seasoned aerospace certification professionals?

What if that team member knew the big picture, was known in the halls of the FAA, served on current standards committees, and made measurable progress happen on certification projects?

What if they understood your business case and met your certification needs in that context and framework?

End State Solutions is that team member. We will put our substantial capability to work on your certification. We:
  • Understand the regulators’ language and roadmap.
  • Know where the political and technical landmines are.
  • Have reach and access through history and relationships.
  • Actually do the work to create the programs and artifacts you need to get through certification successfully.
  • Have earned standards on all sides by providing genuine value and a collaborative environment.
  • We get certification and operations done.
Hiring us is a safe, easy, and profitable move.