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End State Solutions is a leading authority in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone certification, dedicated to assisting manufacturers of commercial and civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in achieving regulatory compliance.

Our firm is built on a foundation of in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the UAV sector, ensuring your products meet the requirements of certification.

The End State Solutions Experience

With End State Solutions, FAA certification is a journey of professional excellence. Our seasoned experts are committed to elevating your aerospace product to meet and exceed regulatory expectations. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in your product’s path to market readiness, ensuring a seamless certification process from start to finish.

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Services Overview

Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Evolution

The CONOP is the backbone of emerging aerospace technology development. We know what the critical elements of the CONOP are and how to convey them to the FAA.

FAA Engagement

Map out the FAA stakeholders that your project will depend upon, understand the way the different offices within the FAA work together. Identify challenges and opportunities in advance and have a strategy for success.

Operational Safety Case

Making a safety case that speaks to both the applicant’s needs and has the elements the FAA needs for an approval takes a quantitative and qualitative approach. We’ve supported historical waiver applications…check the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for some of our best work and keep an eye out on Linkedin for announcements about new approvals.

Certification Plan

There is no such thing as “certification by obvious”. Certification is an exercise in trust. When a company needs a certification, approval, or exemption there has to a successful demonstration to the regulator that the product or operation is worthy of the public’s trust. Our plans translate that concept into the technical artifact that the FAA understands.

Airworthiness Exemption Support

Airworthiness Exemptions, mostly through section 44807 of the FAA reathorization, have become the FAA’s current solution for permitting emerging technology to enter into service until new rules are written in the years to come. End State Solutions can get your technology into service before the rules are written.



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Our team brings decades of combined experience in FAA regulations and UAV technology.


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We develop certification plans meticulously tailored to your UAV’s specifications.


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Our systematic approach simplifies the path to FAA certification.

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