Successful Launches


Matternet was one of the first companies to take on Type Certification under the Durability and Reliability application process. With End State Solutions help, Matternet was also the first to successfully achieve type and production certification.

Elroy Air

End State Solutions was tasked with creating the CONOP for possibly the most advanced large cargo drone yet to be created. We understand what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will find acceptable, even where there are no clear requirements

Unmanning Conventional Aircraft

With the goal of advancing automation in aerospace, End State Solutions is assisting the world’s foremost innovators to integrate machine learning and AI into aircraft designs that are conventionally certified today, which will lead to a safer airspace for flight operations tomorrow.

44807 Exemptions

End State Solutions is helping multiple companies with small and large aerospace products pursue 44807 exemptions. Whether the exemption supports delivery operations or complex large scale infrastructure inspection, we have the experience and solutions to get over the finish line.

Major Oil And Gas Case

End State Solutions was hired to achieve a waiver for beyond visual line of site flight operations over critical infrastructure, specifically to meet pipeline inspection requirements and more.

Operations In Upper Class E

End State Solutions is helping companies with the airworthiness and operational approvals necessary to operate in ways that civil aircraft never have before, as high-altitude pseudo satellites sustaining operations above Flight Level 600.